november rain

  • November Rain

    When I look deep into autumn

    I can see a love restrained

    Flowers struggling to hold their color

    Every raindrop seems a tear

    I'm just marking these little fighters

    Do you know I feel the same...



    But it's hard to hold a flower

    In the cold November rain

    However, never mind the darkness

    Embrace the tenderness of seasons

    Dancing in the cold November rain


    november,regen,november rain,herfst,bloemen,natuur,guns 'n roses,


    Let us run and play together

    and just love the autumn weather

    Nothing lasts forever

    even cold November rain...

    @ Erna Van Rillaer


    november,regen,november rain,herfst,bloemen,natuur,guns 'n roses

    (aanklikbaar - groter formaat)  


    * tekst = Eigen herfstversie, geinspireerd door  'November Rain' -  Guns 'n Roses

    Zie link naar song & videoclip onderaan bij 'commentaren'


    Update : F1 & F3 = St-Janskruid (hertshooi, gekend om z'n licht-antidepressieve werking)

    F2 : Rozenbottel (Vitaminen-bom)