kurt gebauer

  • Runaway

    No one heard a single word she said

    They should have seen it in her eyes

    What was going around her head


    Ooooh, she's a little runaway 



    She wants to run away, never say goodbye 




    She wants to know the truth instead of wondering why




    She wants to know the answers, no more lies




    She wants to shut the door and open up her mind


    Middelheimpark,beeldende kunst,beeld,kunst,Antwerpen

    She keeps on running

    Keeps on hiding

    Keeps on moving


    Middelheimpark,beeldende kunst,beeld,kunst,Antwerpen



    Racing with her own shadow


    Middelheimpark,beeldende kunst,kunst,beeld,runaway,Antwerpen


    She don't really mind

    It's only love she hoped to find


    And when it gets too much

    She needs to feel your touch

    Whatever you do

    She's gonna run to






    foto's : Middelheimpark- beeldenmuseum Antwerpen / sculptuur van Kurt Gebauer