• Share the happiness !

    There's a story that I was told and I wanna tell the world before I get too old :

    Once upon a time in a town like this, a girl made a great big wish 

    To fill the world with happiness and be on Santa's magic list...

    Kerstmis,coca-cola,studio mechelen,kerstman,kerstwensen


    At the same time miles away a boy made a wish that day

    That the world would be ok and Santa Claus would hear him say : 




    I got dreams and I got love, I got my feet on the ground and family above

    Can you send some happiness with my best

    To the rest of the people of the East and the West ?

    Let me meet a girl one day that wants to spread some love this way

    We can let our souls run free and she can open some happiness with me. 



    Kerstmis,kerstwensen,coca-cola,kerstman,Studio Mechelen

    C'mon ya'll, it's Christmas time

    Share the happiness


    Ho-ho-ho, ho-ho-ho, it's Christmas time !

    Kerstmis,kerstwensen,coca-cola,kerstman,Studio Mechelen